Privacy Policy

Halton Healthcare Services considers any type of health care information that can be linked to an identifiable person confidential. Accordingly, all clinical information collected in support of the treatment you receive at HHS will be disclosed only to authorized individuals who require this information to ensure that the best possible care is provided. Designated individuals who reside within a “circle of care” and require access to your clinical information to deliver treatment may include:

  • Referring, attending or consulting physicians.
  • Nurses and allied health professionals (i.e. dietitians, physiotherapists, discharge planners).
  • Technologists in diagnostic departments (i.e. laboratory, radiology, cardiology).
  • Clerical/administrative staff responsible for capturing, coding, filing, retrieving and otherwise managing medical records.

Halton Healthcare Services uses a combination of physical, procedural and technology-based safeguards which are reviewed regularly to ensure that your health information can be accessed only by authorized persons within this “circle of care”. Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial, Milton District and Georgetown hospitals are “family practice” hospitals and, as such, your family physician is considered part of the “circle of care”. If you are receiving emergency or outpatient treatment at our hospitals, a copy of your treatment record and/or diagnostic test results will be forwarded to your family physician unless you request otherwise.

Outside the “circle of care” non-clinical information about your visit (i.e. your name, address and location within the hospital) may be divulged in order to:

  • Assist visiting family and friends to locate you.
  • Conduct fund raising campaigns through the hospital’s respective Charitable Corporations.
  • Conduct satisfaction surveys which allow us to monitor and improve quality.
  • If you wish to be excluded from fund raising initiatives or satisfaction surveys, please notify the clerical staff at the time your visit is registered to ensure you are not included on mailing lists created for these purposes.

For more information about Halton Healthcare’s Privacy Policies, or to receive clarification on the above procedures, please contact our Privacy Officer, Marci MacDonald at 905-845-2571 extension 6711.

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