Workshop Overview Craving Change

This workshop is for adults who struggle with eating habits, eat for comfort, or eat in response to emotions. Craving Change can help you Understand why you eat the way you do, change your thinking, change your eating, comfort yourself without food & learn practical techniques to help you develop a healthier relationship with food.


The first goal of the Craving Change program is to help you understand ‘why’ you eat the way you do. This is a very important step for changing your eating. The program helps you discover the situations, thoughts and emotions that affect your food choices. This is called a cognitive-behavioural approach. You will then learn how to deal with your specific eating struggles by changing your thoughts and/or behaviours.


The craving change workshop is offered over a series of three to four weekly sessions. Anyone can register themselves for a workshop; no referral from a health care professional is needed. The group workshops are not recommended for someone who has been diagnosed with an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia


The program has four components:


  • Why It’s Hard to Change – understand how our society, your body and your learned behaviors influence your eating habits
  • What Needs Changing? – use a variety of tools and techniques to discover your problematic eating triggers
  • How You Can Change – learn 16 strategies with ‘how-to’ instructions for changing your eating triggers and/or response
  • Keep the Change – find out how to deal with slips and maintain positive changes


There is a workbook that accompanies the program.


How do I Register?

If you would like to register for a Craving Change workshops, go to the Workshop Registration page or call
905-338-4432 for more information.

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